Sangha Without Borders is a non-denominational community which serves to bring together people of diverse backgrounds seeking spiritual clarity in this complex modern world. It is our goal to break through traditional barriers of race, gender, religion, cultural and political identity to inspire and add meaning to your life. We are dedicated to making meditation and spiritual studies accessible to everyone from anywhere in the world. Sangha Without Borders was created by Donald Francis and Akemi Micallef in 2014.



Donald Francis is a meditation teacher and freelance writer. He lives in London, UK.


He started his spiritual exploration in his teen years, studying the worlds’ major religions in a working-class neighborhood in Detroit. After several years of divinity training in biblical studies he went on to achieve academic degrees in literature, cultural anthropology and social science.

After completing a 500-hour yoga teacher training program, Donald Francis began teaching yoga and meditation because it allows him to combine his life-long interests in art, science, culture, and spirituality into a practical application. He incorporates art, music, poetry and literature into his teaching in order to make meditation interesting and relevant to his students. He has been trained in the Soto school of Zen meditation as well as in the Tibetan and Hindu traditions.


Akemi’s interest in cultures started while she was growing up in the multi-cultural international port city of Kobe, Japan.


Some of her early memories include marveling at her Indian neighbor’s turban and hopping around churches and temples in her neighborhood.

She has an extensive career in IT service management and has worked in Japan,

US, Canada and India. Now she is living and working in London, UK. She takes advantage of the global aspect of her career and enjoys the people, culture and food in the places she visits.

She takes care of the business side of Sangha Without Borders and has arranged trips to spiritual sites around the world (Europe, Japan, India, Malaysia, Bhutan).

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Sangha Without Borders is currently physically located in London, UK