The following workshops are designed for a 2-hour presentation. If you are interested in bringing one of our workshops to your venue, please get in touch with us through the Contact Us page.

Introduction to Meditation – Meditation for beginners

Finding Joy in the Ground of Being – Basic principles and philosophy of yoga and meditation

Crazy Wisdom – Gaining greater access to our own innate wisdom through meditation

Touching the Earth Meditation – A Vietnamese meditation practice and the philosophy behind it

Flowering of Yoga – Yoga preparation for meditation

Myth and Meditation – Ancient mythology and meditation

The Art of Analytical Meditation – Personal study and journaling as a meditation practice

The Art of Meditation – Meditation as an art form and how it influences creative process

Meditation: Out of the Caves into Your World – A three-part series of workshops dealing with the concerns of today’s meditators

  • Part 1: Meditation in the Age of Anxiety – Simple meditation techniques to create personal inner space in our modern life styles to alleviate stress, anxiety and fear

  • Part 2: Blue Sky Above, White Clouds Below – Relieving sorrow and depression through meditation

  • Part 3: Recovering Happiness – Managing Addictive Behaviors through Meditation.

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Sangha Without Borders is currently physically located in London, UK