“Each Day Is A Resurrection”

Each day is a resurrection, each morning a rebirth and a threshold for the onset of a new life.

We can learn from our past and all mistakes can be forgiven. Any and all transgressions with certainty can be absolved.

Each day is a renewal with immeasurable possibilities and assurance of a new beginning.

We can let go of all that is not meant for us, of our pain from what was and what could have been.

Each day holds out the promise of hopefulness of a life no longer imprisoned by past accounts.

Our suffering can be transformed, into a remedy of infinite potentiality.

Let this day be a new beginning, a restoration, for all we hope our life can and should be.

May we dedicate this day to healing, to compassion, to restitution, for ourselves and all others whom we touch with our lives.

May we have the courage to begin anew, May we have the strength to move forward, May we be rejuvenated by the spirit we find within.

May we mindfully remember this day that we posses the capacity to change.

And that at any moment in our life, we are capable of taking our lives in a new direction.

Our lives, my life, your life, has the aptitude for infinite revision, and that every day is, and holds the promise of a resurrection.

About the author: Donald Francis is a meditation teacher and freelance writer. Incorporates art, music, poetry and literature into his teaching and makes meditation interesting and relevant to everyone. He lives in London, England.

Photo Credit:

"Prayer" by Via Tsuji is licensed under CC BY 2.0 / Resized from original.

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