Blessing to a Traveler from the Seaside

as you wander out along the ridge of life, may you never lose the feeling of groundedness when your calloused feet gripped the cliffside so ardent.

may you never forget the freedom that washed over you with the salt winds blowing in from the sea, the warmth of your blood that stored afternoon sunrays hours into the night.

may you never forget the small moment of time travel when you went back to your childhood, splashing naked allowing the waves to break on your flesh before arriving at the shore.

with eyes closed may you always see the reflection of stars glittering on the bodies of plankton floating on the caps. may you never forget the feeling of completeness when you looked into my eyes at midnight; the settling of your restless heart when you thought of coming back to me.

with faithful tides i will be waiting for you amidst ebb and flow. there is a special place in my heart where only you reside.

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Sangha Without Borders is currently physically located in London, UK