Awakenings 1

Your life has lead you to exactly this moment right here, right now. If I’m not mistaken, your whole life has lead you to this moment so that you may take the time to listen to what I have to offer you right now. Because you’ve made it this far, I know you are ready.

During the holiday season of 2013 my sister Maddison and I were enjoying the farmer’s market in our home-town when all of a sudden I’m stopped.

“Crystals? Wow,” I thought to myself.

Having discovered the healing power of gemstones the year prior, my eyes popped at the sight of these sparkling jewels. I am pulled to the booth as if by gravity. I see a big pointed piece of citrine, rose quartz, trendy earrings… My eyes fall on these peculiar instruments faceted with 8 sides. Seven jewels run vertically down one of its eight surfaces. A wispy crystal ball sits on its head and a pointed crystal cone extends from the opposite end.

“What are those?” I asked the woman.

“Healing wands,” she said.

I must admit I got quite excited.

“You’d normally find them for $85 or even $100,” she said. “But nobody around here seems to want them. They’re 25 bucks.”

My jaw must have dropped. I chose one at random. I took it home, feeling quite awed by the fantastic spirituality I had never seen before in my hometown.

Later that evening I took a moment to inhale mindfully while holding the wand to my chest. Instantly, my heart, mind, body and soul infused with the wand. My heart became so whole it exploded into infinity. Then, like colossal waves crashing against a stony island, the booming outline of a cross slammed repeatedly into my mind. I was nearly brought to my knees.

My heart was pounding through my chest and into the wand. Or was the wand pounding into my chest? Admittedly, I was feeling great: pure wonder and bliss mixed with a sharp clarity of understanding and the urge to orgasm through my own heart and mind.

After the experience I kept expecting the world to be different. It was as if I had woken up from a long, lethargically painful slumber and all of a sudden the world around me became a sparkling jewel. But this sparkling jewel had always been present. It was just gleaming beneath my own muddied perception. God knew when I was ready to receive the light.

Do not worry when you feel lost or alone. Like a lost sheep guided back to its flock, God will always ensure you find your way back home. When you least expect it, might I add.

Just breathe.

Photo Credit:

"Sudden Brightness" by Andy Mudrak is licensed under CC BY 2.0 / Resized from original.

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