The Giver

Consume my food. I cook for the company.

Plunder my laughter, only to disperse contagiously.

Steal my hugs. I get one back for each one you take.

Spend my time. I don’t own anything more valuable.

Grab my kindness to wear when you look at others, but most importantly, yourself.

Enjoy my concern. Treasure my interest.

Preserve my words for times in need. Reuse abundantly.

Capture my brain. Feed on my knowledge.

Keep digging into my wisdom like a deep well.

Hold on to a piece of my heart. It grows bigger with each person I meet.

Soak up my love, of which I have never run out. Harness and exude generously.

Enjoy every piece, conserve as your own, and spread as a giver yourself.

We live forever through stains left on others.

Photo Credit: The love you give by Ben Seidelman is licensed under CC BY 2.0 / Resized from original.

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