Thoughts About God

Yoga means union with the divine, i.e. path to freedom, salvation, nirvana, heaven, samadhi, enlightenment, etc. One way in which to practice yoga is bhakti yoga, which is the yoga of devotion. Put simply, this means that one can achieve salvation by worshipping God. How does that work? Well, God represents all that is good. If you embody godly qualities then you won’t suffer, though you will experience pain because that is what being a human entails. If you’re always thinking about God, how likely are you to do something that is ungodly? A lot less likely than if you weren’t thinking about that at all. So if you worship God then you’ll always think about him and end up taking the decision that is truly best for everyone and everything.

And how do we do that, worship God? Through a human form of God, because that’s way more relatable than the vastness of everything. Jesus is that guy, since he’s the one that embodied those godly qualities and taught them to his contemporaries. So we use him as the human model of everything that is god-like: love and compassion and everything related. Krishna is another popular human form of God’s love qualities. They’re the same, actually, except Jesus is middle-eastern and Krishna is south-Asian (and blue-skinned). But of course those differences don’t matter. They are giving you the very same message: if everything you do is truly for God, then you can free yourself from suffering.

It has nothing to do with acknowledging that one enlightened guru is the one and only son of God and that if you believe that, then he will hear you and set you free. Really. Ask Jesus and he’ll tell you that that’s not at all what he taught. Follow me, do as I say, do as I do, and you shall be free. Indeed he says that and indeed he is right. He’s found the way, and he’s letting you know that you can too. He never claims he’s the only one who’s ever found the way. He’s just a guy who’s found enlightenment, just like his brothers Mohammad and Gautama the Buddha. He is a guru, a spiritual teacher.

Photo Credit: A wise man sitting and thinking by Steve Deeves is licensed under CC BY 2.0 / Resized from original.

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