Crazy Wisdom: Part 3

Intuition is the voice of Crazy Wisdom. The Buddha is a great example of a pioneer who relied on his own Crazy Wisdom right from the start. Let’s consider his experience:

After attaining enlightenment under the Bodhi tree, the Buddha found himself walking down the road when he came upon four old friends. They saw that he had been transformed, and they asked:

-Are you a God? -No

-Are you an Angel? -No

-Are you a Human? -No

-Than what are you? -AWAKE!

The Buddha was radical from the beginning. He refused to be labelled. He quickly let go of all assumptive knowledge. He had no problem turning his back on all that the world held valuable, and courageously let go of any notion of power or self-glorification. Never turning his back on humanity, he practiced direct absolute love and compassion.

In doing so, he rejected all social norms. He rejected titles, labels, and refused to conform to the systematic structure of the time. The Buddha had realized that as soon as we use titles or labels, we create an illusory image that overshadows what is real.

Meditation put him in touch with Crazy Wisdom, the ultimate truth about himself and his world.

The Buddha was a deeply spiritual man who rejected all the religious traditions of the day, allowing women into spiritual practice and rejecting the caste system. Like Christ, he was a truly liberated human being who lived exclusively by the law of love.

All of this is radical thinking for any age.

Just like the Buddha’s example, creative, innovative, altruistic, original ideas and authentic lives come from trusting Crazy Wisdom. The source of that wisdom lies deep within us all. It is accessed through stillness and silence. It is expressed with courage.

About the author: Donald Francis is a meditation teacher and freelance writer. Incorporates art, music, poetry and literature into his teaching and makes meditation interesting and relevant to everyone. He lives in London, England.

Photo Credit: HOTEI by A Shino is licensed under CC BY 2.0 / Resized from original.

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