“Ode to a God Unknown” - A Poem by Donald Francis Micallef

As a child,

I was bewildered.

Toys quickly became of no interest.

What good are toys I pondered

when you just grow old and die.

And what about death?


and in fear,

I lay awake through the night.

Where do you go when you die?

What happens?

Do you go it alone?

Do you go anywhere at all?

So unattended

so afraid.

Fear giving rise to the need for purpose.

And what purpose

If we don't even know why were here?

Reaching out

with the hope to be heard.

Prayer became solace,

a spiritual place of refuge

with the freedom to have a voice in the matter.

You see,

once the pilgrimage began

the quest was endless.

the voyage began at the source of thought

with the facility to conceive the question.

The point at issue;

who are you?

Do you exist?

Has been and remains still.

Now it must be noted,

That these were not the questionings of a sceptic,

but the sincere desire of one wanting to believe,

with the longing and hoping to know.

This inquiry,

Began in a child's mind

with a child’s curiosity.

The questions having now matured with age

yet the curiosity is still that of a child.

and the odyssey,

the quest,

the hadj

has gone from the back yard

to the four corners of the earth.

From under garden rocks,

to Himalayan mountain tops.

From the local church

to the Sistine Chapel.

From Kingdom Halls in Detroit

to Zen temples in Japan.

From Buddhist temples in Bhutan

to Sufi mosques in Malaysia.

From Hindu temples in Delhi

to St. Thomas's tomb in southern India.

From neolithic temples and caves on the Maltese islands

to cathedrals in Iceland,

From the contemporary synagogue

to ancient Hebrew cemeteries in Prague.

Do you exist?

And if you do,

who are you?

what are you?

After a life time of study

and searching

and enquiry

the only thing I surely comprehend,

is that I perceive your power

in my relentless longing to understand,

I am conscious of your voice

in my ceaseless ambition to question,

I experience your presence

in my eternal yearning to know.


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