"A New Knowledge of Reality"

We pray

To study what we are

To not lose ourselves in the world,

To work at our own salvation.

This is the sacred journey,

The path to liberation.

We pray

To be vigilant!

We resolve to be faithful

To the truth of who we really are.

We realize

That the temporary outcome of an action is not of primary concern,

The worthwhileness of the deed is what's eternal.

Until there is freedom from the bondage of egotism,

There can be no permanent refuge

No abiding place for the soul.

We pray

For the sanctuary of meditation.

I realize

That people do not naturally - not love.

They learn not to love.

Putting aside the conditioning of the world

We love intuitively.

When acts are performed in accordance to divine truth,

They cannot fail.

This is the profound relevance of our intention.

Let me meet all life's events,

With as much humility as possible.

Let me awaken to a new knowledge of reality.

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Sangha Without Borders is currently physically located in London, UK