This Joyous Cosmology

The divine spirit that exists within all life is made evident through its infinite power, its infinite space and its infinite creativity. It can be seen and experienced every day all around us.

Intimations of Immortality on a Beach in Virginia

While sitting on a beach in Virginia early one morning, I found myself starring out onto the vast expanse of the Atlantic ocean. It was early sunrise and the power of the ocean was being expressed through the wind and tumultuous waves crashing onto the shore.

The sky was a swirl of white, grey and powder blue, and as the sun rose, a margin of orange light gradually expanded out on the horizon as the fiery red sphere of the sun rose gently into view.

At first I was overwhelmed by the boundless power and expanse of the ocean, but as the sun began to rise I found myself again overwhelmed. This time by the magnitude and grace of the sun as it quietly rose in the infinite space of the morning sky.

I look around me every day and see creativity on a mystically divine scale. No two snowflakes are alike. Each sea shell is uniquely and original. Each planet and star that you see in the infinite night sky is peerlessly its own distinct world. Immense galaxies hang in space like grapes on a vine.

Every human being who is alive and who has ever walked the face of the earth is an original life experience, with their own look, their own memorable journey and their own remarkable story to tell.

Each one of us is an expression of divine artistry.

So much beauty and so much original creativity confounds the mind. It’s seemingly impossible for our minds to grasp and yet in our own incomparable way we do.

We see, we smell, we taste, we touch and we are blessed to experience this joyous cosmology. We see divine creativity all around us everyday and in such abundance that it is easy to take it for granted.

The creative spirit or creativity itself is part of our life force. It is in our genes, in our minds and in our hearts. We may seek to subdue it, refuse to entertain it, allow society’s conditioning to repress it but it is always there within each and everyone of us waiting to be made manifest.

We see it in all children and for many of us it is quelled during or after adolescence. It is a force in our lives as strong as any other. An inner urge from deep within that struggles to come to the surface and eventually does in a variety of ways. You see it in the way people create business, life styles and the arts.

You see it in the way the creative spirit naturally emanates from a person’s very soul. Just as it is in the divine nature of the soul to love, it is in the divine nature of the soul to create.

People do not naturally not love; they learn not to love. They are conditioned to suppress their loving instincts. People do not naturally not create; we are conditioned to suppress our creative spirit.

Citizens Band

My friend John Zeppetelli who runs the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal introduced me to the installation “Citizens Band” by Angelica Mesiti where an attentive camera captures four beautifully isolated performances. These performers are examples of people who are driven by their innate creativity despite their circumstances. The Citizens Band consists of…

  • Geraldine Zongo from Cameroon practices Akatuk, a traditional technique of water drumming, in Paris, which is used by women to celebrate the life giving properties of the river in Africa.

  • Mohammed Lamourie from Algeria travels on the subways of Paris playing a battery-operated beat-up Cassio keyboard on his shoulder. Sings like an angel to the travellers as they make their busy way. He is almost totally blind.

  • Bukhuluun Ganburged from Mongolia is a former university professor, who could not find work in Australia. He was captured in this film playing on the streets, throat-singing and playing what is called a Morin Khuur (Horse-Head fiddle), an ancient instrument from his onetime nomadic culture. It is said that the instrument evokes the breeze of the Mongolian grass land.

  • Asim Goreshi originally from Sudan is a world class musician who makes his living as a cab driver in Australia. Asim who has a PhD in music whistles his native folk songs in the ancient tradition as his ancestors did when instruments were unattainable.

All this wonderful creativity came from the souls of these individuals and from their hearts in the form of a healing meditation. They create because they have to create, Their creativity clearly emanates from within. No matter who we are or what our experience, we create.

In studying culture we find that some of the most creative people come out of some of the most repressive cultures. Society can repress our inborn creative spirit but it can never stop it. It is part of our spiritual nature, the ground of our being.

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