Warrior Light: How One Embodies the Collective

“This moment this love comes to rest in me - many beings in one being.”

- Rumi

There is a power that accumulates when someone does inner work.

Moses communes with god in desert solitude, and Mt. Sinai begins to dance! Meditation and prayer and sobbet (Inner Conversion) are ways to align with the Tao, silence, the kindness of an open heart.

A chained bear may seem to be doing the trainers bidding, but there is a wild motion inside the bear that has nothing to do with the exchange of coins or idle street entertainment. A natural warrior energy builds on retreat.

This has nothing to do with military fighting or the martial arts. No swinging of swords. The mystics agree, “If we fight within to make ourselves clear, once that inner war is over, there need be no outer war. The only war is within.”

Those doing soul work, who want the steering truth more than solace or applause, know each other right away. Those who want something else, turn and take a seat in another room. Soul - makers find each other’s company.

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