The Sound of Your Heart: A Poem for Meditation

The quieter you become,

the more you can hear.

All it takes

is a shift of consciousness,

to enter that inner world,

All it takes

is a contemplative focus,

and than the letting go of all that distracts.

The letting go

of all the senseless chatter,

the emotional discord,

the misleading notions of who you were,

who you are

and who you will be.

The letting go

of opposing forces,

The right and wrong of things,

the faulty judgments,

the irrational attempts to be rational.

It all dissolves in silence,

and that's when you begin to truly hear.

To hear the rhythm of your own breath,

like an extended metaphor

as it expands and contracts

in rhythmic inflections,

of recurring waves.

To hear your own heart's mantric chant,

its own poetic intonation,

becomes a celebration

of direct ecstatic spiritual awareness,

listen to the song of your heart.

The quieter you become,

the more you can hear.

You can hear the sound of your own life,

of all that you are,

in body, mind and spirit.

You can hear the sound of the entire natural world,

singing inside you,

in regular harmonious iambic patterns,

this is the poetry of the heart,

this is the music of the spheres,

The stiller you become,

the more open you are,

the more your awareness deepens.

In the silence of meditation,

you can hear the sound of your heart.

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