Limitless Life Meditation

I see that I am not limited by this body made of the four elements.

I am the whole of the river of life of blood

and of spiritual ancestors that has been continuously flowing for thousands of years

and flows on for thousands of years into the future.

I am one with my ancestors and descendants.

I am aware that in me is a river of life that contains all generations of my blood

and spiritual ancestors and defendants, I am their continuation.

I am practicing to let go of everything that I think is myself and belongs to me,

so that I can become one with the river of life that is flowing in me.

That river includes my spiritual teachers of countless generations from the past

and those currently present, of this life time, they are all present in me.

They have transmitted in me seeds of peace, understanding, love and happiness.

I open my heart and accept all my spiritual ancestors and descendants.

I am life that is manifest in countless different forms.

I am one with all species whether they are peaceful and joyful or suffering and afraid.

I am present everywhere in this world.

I have been present in the past and will be there in the future.

The disintegration of this body does not touch me, just as when the petals of the plum blossom fall it does not mean the end of the plum tree.

I see that I am like a wave on the surface of the ocean.

I see myself in all other waves, and all the other waves in myself.

The manifestation or the disappearance of the wave

does not lesson the presence of the ocean.

My lifetime like that of a leaf or that of a Buddha, is immeasurable. I am able to go beyond the idea that I am a body separate from all other manifestations of life in time and in space.

I touch the earth three times to see the no birth, no death nature of myself and let go of the idea that I am a body separate from all other manifestations of life.

Earth Touching Meditation

Each time you take your place in seated meditation,

you connect with the earth below you.

It could be at the foot of a tree,

It could be a space on the cool green grass,

It could be on a block, or your sitting bench,

Or a small sitting cushion.

In meditation,

You take an empty quite place,

and you make it a sacred space,

and you touch the earth with your being.

Sitting upright,

Sitting with solidity,

Sitting with peace,

Don’t let your thoughts lift you up into the air.

Sit so that you can really touch the earth.

Sit so that you can be one with the earth.

The earth will ground you, transmitting her solidity,

Her peace and her joy.

With your mindful breathing,

With your peaceful smile,

You sustain your oneness with the earth.

Your diligent awareness of your breathing,

Will keep you in touch and connected to the earth.

No more wandering in past and future,

No more cycles of birth and death,

No more endings and beginnings,

No more sinking into the sea of misperceptions.

Now, in your meditation,

there is only the grounding with this present moment,

In the stability of the earth.

All the wonders of life can manifest in stillness,

And all afflictions can be transformed,

Into peace and joy.

The earth is always patient and one hearted,

Like a loving mother her love and acceptance are unconditional,

She will always welcome you with love and understanding.

She will wait for you for any length of time,

The earth and this very moment have been waiting for you,

For a trillion lives.

I commit to my seated position on this earth,

I commit to stillness,

And I commit to the essence of my own breath.

In doing so,

I shall touch and stay close to the earth,

I shall entrust myself wholly to the earth.

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