A Prayer from the Hebrew/Christian Tradition


Ode to Solomon

The Bible

My heart was split, and a flower appeared;

and grace sprang up; and it bore fruit from God.

You split me; tore my heart open,

and filled me with love.

You poured your spirit into me;

and I knew you as I know myself.

My eyes are radiant with your spirit;

my nostrils fill with your fragrance.

my ears delight in your music;

and my face is covered with your dew.

Blessed are those who are planted on this earth;

in this wondrous garden,

who grow as the trees and flowers grow,

who transform their darkness into light.

Their roots plunge into darkness;

their faces turn toward the light.

Their is infinite space in your garden;

all life is welcome here; all we need to do is enter.

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