Two Prayers from Milarepa

To the Eyes of Impure Seekers

O Master, who to the eyes of impure seekers,

Appears in diverse forms,

And to the assembly of pure Bodhisattvas,

Manifest as Sambhogakaya Buddha, I salute you.

Master with unfeigned respect, I salute

Your spiritual sons and daughters whom you have united,

The disciples that carry out your commandments,

And the multitude of your followers.

I offer my body to you

and whatever else is worthy of sacrifice

In all realms of the universe,

I beg you to bear with patience my faults,

My ignorance, my wrong understanding, and my errors,

Please correct them according to the Dharma.

I am the assembly of hearers.

I am the object of realization.

I am the conditioned and unconditioned.

I am the innate nature of spontaneous bliss.

So long as there are sentient beings enmeshed in Samsara,

May my spiritual merits benefit all sentient beings.

Under the blessings of the burning rays descending

From the sun of your compassion,

The lotus of my mind has been opened.

Song of Promises

May the deities of the Dharma

Support me with their power of action.

May they bless me so that I may meet with religion in my next life,

And be reborn in a human body

Capable of striving toward Buddha - hood.

Bless the mendicants

So that they may achieve in solitude

The path to liberation.

Shelter me from the distracting forces of Mara,

And increases the depth of my meditation.

Without being attached to the lake of inner tranquility,

May the flower of transcendent insight bloom within me.

Without arousing fleeting thoughts of discrimination,

May the leaves of my none - conceptual state spread.

Let no doubt inhabit my cell,

but may the fruit of awakening grow ripe within.

Without hesitation on the path of skillful means,

Let not the Mara’s create obstacles,

And may an absolute certainty arise in my mind.

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