There is a Garden

“Somewhere between right and wrong there is a garden - I will meet you there”

- Rumi

Rumi’s poetry is written with the sharpest of insights, slicing through the flesh and bones of life and seizing the soul of who we really are. He never fails at grasping our inner most thoughts and feelings. Unquestionably, this particular poem has this transcendent ability.

Like a Zen Koan, it is what is not being said that carries the message. With minimalist wording and eloquent phrasing, he swings open the perceptive doors of our consciousness and beckons us into the garden of awareness. In just fourteen syllables, Rumi encapsulates what might take a lifetime to realize. The garden of which he speaks is the middle ground, the place of serenity that exists between the extremes of good and evil and the competing notions of right and wrong. He seeks to motivate us to the courageous act of letting go of attachment to long held views and socially accepted norms.

Rumi does the righteous work of a true mystic, giving those who dare listen the impetus, the freedom to question all that they may have once held as true -- the strength to stand alone without tradition or conventional beliefs.

He also speaks to those who may see the garden as a place that exists between the heart and the mind, that space between logic and desire. A garden of serenity where lovers stand emotionally naked before one another, liberated from the critical eyes of moral judgment. This garden is a place of deliverance, where people who believe in the sanctity of love and pure intention come together nonjudgementally, as equals in the unpretentious, authentic beauty of who they truly are.

This garden is the ground of being the ancient mystics spoke of and only the wise know truly exists as a state of mind. For all humanity it is a reprieve. Rumi tells us that if we are willing to have the courage to let go of our tightly held notions of right and wrong we will be liberated enough to meet there as equals and that place of meeting is extraordinary, it is a place of peace. It is a glorious garden.

I will meet you there.

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